Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm very happy to inform you that EBONVOID is playing our first show! We are playing the long running event entitled Blackihabara. This event is usually known for dark industrial electronic music but this time we are turning it metal! (Evil laugh) The guys and I have put in a lot of time into this band. It has really been a labor of love. Three years ago I started tracking the demos for these songs. I had to write and record sometimes only 15 minutes a day. I wrote the lyrics and arranged songs going to and from my various gigs around town. To see this project go from some ideas on recorded in my tiny home studio to a full fledged band preparing for their first show is really exciting. For our first show we really need your support. You will get to see the guys and I doing music that we usually don't get to play on our regular gigs. Our music is heavy yet dynamic with catchy choruses and thought provoking lyrics. So if your not a metal head you should come out to blow your stereotypes of the music away.  Please come out to Koenji High on September 7. EBONVOID hits the stage at

 黒い秋葉原-blackihabara-EXTRA Vol.3
The くそGIGY
The Digital City Junkies

RAVEMAN(Aural Vampire)



-Food Shop-

OPEN/START 18:30/19:00


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Festivals, Touring, Recording, + EBONVOID STUDIO UPDATE 9

Howdy folks! Here is what has been happening and will happen in my neck of the woods...

I recently got into the studio to record some straight ahead jazz with drummer Shingo Yamaguchi and sax/pianist Simon Cosgrove. I don't plan to make a CD with this but will probably do some online distribution. The recording is being mastered now and will be available next month. This recording was for my buy out and music licensing service that will be launched soon!

I got a chance to play at the Ikebukuro Jazz festival with Kan Hayashi's group Six Sense featuring Andy Bevan and Christopher Hardy. I have to say I was quite nervous because I have not played in front of a lot of people who were actually paying attention in quite a while! It was great to have that feeling back. It was the first time I experienced playing along with the Taiko drums. It was amazing! What a powerful sound! The crowd loved it. We even did a version of "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder. Just bass, sax, percussion, and cymbals. I guarantee that was a first! I really hope we get a chance to make music together again.

This weekend I will be flying up to the Tottori prefecture to play at two rehabilitation centers for handicapped children and then perform with some students from the from the National Tottori University Medical Department Jazz Club.

"Nakaumi Yugure Concert"
May 25(Sat) from 18:00
At Yonagokou kogan.

Also I will get a chance to perform with the Akihiro Nishiguchi Quartet June 26~July 1. We have dates in Gunma, Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Gifu. Special guests and more! More info later!

After that tour I will be heading to Kagawa July 2 ~ 8 for performances with Yume-Goto and The Power Trio. More details as those dates get closer!

And finally we have the Ebonvoid studio update. We had a busy month this May. We finished the guitars for one song and started on another. Bass and drums recorded one more track. And we are at last starting to lay down keyboards! Next month is more of the same. Just chipping away at this metal beast one step at a time. So the goal is ten songs. Score: The bass and drums have 5 out of 10. Guitars 1 and a half out of 10. Keys almost 1 out of 10.

Check out the video of us "working".

Saturday, April 20, 2013

EBONVOID STUDIO UPDATE 8 and other news.

My thoughts go out to all the victims of the Boston Bombings. I hope we can get to the bottom of how and why this happened. I urge everyone to keep digging for more information. The wave of violence that has continued to grip America is really disheartening.

Well this month has been really productive for us. Mac has finished the guitars for "Until My Shadow Disappears" and will start soon chopping away at the seven minute metal epic "Deceit Cycle". Zak and I have recorded one more song and we will record again this week. That leaves us with a total of five songs down and five to go. Hopefully we can start tracking keyboards next month. At this rate I'm hoping we will be finished with the recording by August and have the record out by September. We shall see!

The metal has been flowing nicely but it has also been a good month for jazz. Last Friday I played with the great trombone player Francissco Torres from Gordon Goodwin's Big Fat Band and Pancho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band. I have an original jazz recording scheduled for next month. Also I will be performing at the Ikebukuro Jazz Festival on May 18. Hope to see you on the journey!

Enjoy the shredding!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hello folks! Its been awhile since my last update. It is so hard to believe that it has been over three years from the conception of this project. We will be finished with the tracking of the full band and vocals of the song "Until My Shadow Disappears" this month! We also got our first gig booked all the way in September. It is a long way off but we will need time to get the show together. Its not going to be your standard event. I'm working with a graphics guy getting images together for video and to be used at our live shows.

Our guitarist is set to hit the studio this week. I will post some footage from that session soon. In the meantime here is a video of Zak and I practicing with backtracks for our recording session also scheduled for this week. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Curry's Birthday Live/Jam+EBONVOID news

Yesterday I had rehearsal for my upcoming birthday bash. Because my 30's are at the halfway point I decided to throw a party to stop the crushing hammer of realization that I'm getting older. Rehearsal went really well! I'm stoked to play some originals that I have not played in a while. Plus we have a special guest singer Kenneth Andrews who has brought a great bluesy soulfulness to my songs. We are also doing some arrangements of Beetles, Bob Dylan and Neil Young tunes. It's a nice mix of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues, and popish music. We have something for everyone. After our performance we can jam, drink, schmooze until about 5:00. Possible after party at a nearby joint if you feel like rockin and will go as late as the god of thunder and rock and roll see fit.

Curry's Birthday Live/Jam
February 10 

Doors open at 1pm
Live start 2-3pm
Jam session 3-5

Jeff Curry Bass
Kenneth Andrews Vocal
Kevin Mc Hugh Keys
Daisuke Kuroda Guitar
Zak Bond Drums

Live Bar Be Born



隣にコインP有 約20台

Well, I have some really good news and bad news. The bad news is  Ebonvoid's guitarist  Fred Daneson is moving back to France. This is really bad news for us but I'm sure he will be enjoying life back in his home country. Thanks for all his help and creativity on my project. There is a farewell party this month named "Farewell Frenchman Fredd"  on February 16 so come out to say goodbye and enjoy the music!

The good news is that Ebonvoid has found a new guitarist! Mac Nobuka will be joining our ranks and will start recording this month. I sent a demo to him of our most difficult song and asked him to learn it. The track he sent back to me blew me out of the water! Especially his solo! This guy is a serious guitar slinger! Not only did he just learn the parts, he added to the parts to make the songs have much more attitude. So ready to get back in the studio!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy New Year! 2012 went by so fast. I look back and it was a real productive year for me. Now the only thing to do is look forward to this metal beast I'm slowly building. I decided I would play the rhythm guitar parts for the Ebonvoid recording. This was actually our singer Kenneth's suggestion. It saves time in the studio and gives our guitar player more freedom to make his guitar parts move a bit more. I have four dates booked in January to record. I think we will make some really good progress this month.

So here is a little video of what went down on the session. This was the first time I recorded guitar in a studio. Some of the takes we will keep and some will end up on the editing room floor. All in all a good day at KRH studio.