Thursday, May 23, 2013

Festivals, Touring, Recording, + EBONVOID STUDIO UPDATE 9

Howdy folks! Here is what has been happening and will happen in my neck of the woods...

I recently got into the studio to record some straight ahead jazz with drummer Shingo Yamaguchi and sax/pianist Simon Cosgrove. I don't plan to make a CD with this but will probably do some online distribution. The recording is being mastered now and will be available next month. This recording was for my buy out and music licensing service that will be launched soon!

I got a chance to play at the Ikebukuro Jazz festival with Kan Hayashi's group Six Sense featuring Andy Bevan and Christopher Hardy. I have to say I was quite nervous because I have not played in front of a lot of people who were actually paying attention in quite a while! It was great to have that feeling back. It was the first time I experienced playing along with the Taiko drums. It was amazing! What a powerful sound! The crowd loved it. We even did a version of "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder. Just bass, sax, percussion, and cymbals. I guarantee that was a first! I really hope we get a chance to make music together again.

This weekend I will be flying up to the Tottori prefecture to play at two rehabilitation centers for handicapped children and then perform with some students from the from the National Tottori University Medical Department Jazz Club.

"Nakaumi Yugure Concert"
May 25(Sat) from 18:00
At Yonagokou kogan.

Also I will get a chance to perform with the Akihiro Nishiguchi Quartet June 26~July 1. We have dates in Gunma, Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Gifu. Special guests and more! More info later!

After that tour I will be heading to Kagawa July 2 ~ 8 for performances with Yume-Goto and The Power Trio. More details as those dates get closer!

And finally we have the Ebonvoid studio update. We had a busy month this May. We finished the guitars for one song and started on another. Bass and drums recorded one more track. And we are at last starting to lay down keyboards! Next month is more of the same. Just chipping away at this metal beast one step at a time. So the goal is ten songs. Score: The bass and drums have 5 out of 10. Guitars 1 and a half out of 10. Keys almost 1 out of 10.

Check out the video of us "working".