Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ebonvoid recording update 3

Recently Zak Bond and I got back into the studio and laid down the bass and drums for Ebonvoid's upcoming release. The session went really smoothly and we got a great drum sound. I can't wait to start recording the guitars, keys and vocals. This record is going to be quite a strong statement. Next month I will be setting up our first gig. More on that later....

Originally I wanted to be done with the recording by the end of October but it looks like that will be impossible. This is the busiest summer I have seen since I moved to Japan. Many of the musicians I know here say the same. I have been involved with some laborious writing jobs with deadlines all about the same time. Our guitar player went back to France for some time and next month Zak will go on tour. Got to make a living! Looks like we will have to push back the recording. My new goal is to get it out in January or February but I will take as long as necessary to make this recording great!

Here is a quick video of Zak and I rehearsing some sections of tunes that we recently recorded. Enjoy! Also we are still accepting donations for our recording fund. Thank you to those who have donated! The recording will be made regardless of any further donations. But if you donate you help us make it the highest quality possible plus you get the music when it is done.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Davy Mooney live in Japan

I would like to let you all know that a good friend of mine Davy Mooney is coming to Japan to play a few gigs with me and promote his new CD Perrier St. Davy has had a great career and has played with some of the biggest names in jazz. He has appeared on stage with The Brian Blade Fellowship, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Dee Dee Bridgewater and John Pizzarelli just to name a few.
I have put together a band of some of my favorite players in Tokyo. We have James Mahone on saxaphone, Jacob Koller and Simon Cosgrove on piano, and Ko Omura on drums and of coarse yours truly on bass.

We will be performing Tuesday, August 28 at Tokyo Club in Suidobashi.
*Special guest Solaris Eiko vocal

We also will be playing at Crawfish in Akasaka on Thursday, August 30th.

I hope you can come out to support this great group of musicians!

私の良き友人Davy Mooneyが、彼のニューアルバム「Perrier St.」を引っ提げてアメリカから来日し、共にライブをすることになりました。彼はThe Brian Blade Fellowship、ハービー・ハンコック、チャカ・カーン、ディー・ディー・ブリッジウォータージャズ界において名立たる大物と数々共演してきた素晴らしい経歴の持ち主です。

今回のライブでは私の尊敬する大好きなメンバーを集めました!サックスにJames Mahone、ピアノにJacob Koller そしてSimon Cosgrove、ドラムに大村。そしてもちろんベースは私。


8月28日(火) 東京倶楽部(水道橋)
ゲスト:Solaris Eiko

8月30日(木) Crawfish (赤坂)