Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I recently got back in the studio with guitarist Fred Daneson to record guitars for Ebonvoid's upcoming release. Its really exciting to hear these songs with the guitar! Really brings out the attitude! We also recorded some scratch vocal tracks for the song "Until My Shadow Disappears". The chorus is sounding really powerful!

This month we have another long rehearsal booked to work on all the new stuff. I have another new song in the works that I think will be album worthy if I can get it done on time. Also I have found a really great metal event here in Tokyo. Hopefully we will have the demo's ready this month so I can book a live date in January or February.

So here we are. Moving slowly forward but always moving forward. Enjoy the video! 

We are still accepting donations for our recording fund. Thank you to those who have donated! The recording will be made regardless of any further donations. But if you donate you help us make it the highest quality possible plus you get the music when it is done.