Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Curry's Birthday Live/Jam+EBONVOID news

Yesterday I had rehearsal for my upcoming birthday bash. Because my 30's are at the halfway point I decided to throw a party to stop the crushing hammer of realization that I'm getting older. Rehearsal went really well! I'm stoked to play some originals that I have not played in a while. Plus we have a special guest singer Kenneth Andrews who has brought a great bluesy soulfulness to my songs. We are also doing some arrangements of Beetles, Bob Dylan and Neil Young tunes. It's a nice mix of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues, and popish music. We have something for everyone. After our performance we can jam, drink, schmooze until about 5:00. Possible after party at a nearby joint if you feel like rockin and will go as late as the god of thunder and rock and roll see fit.

Curry's Birthday Live/Jam
February 10 

Doors open at 1pm
Live start 2-3pm
Jam session 3-5

Jeff Curry Bass
Kenneth Andrews Vocal
Kevin Mc Hugh Keys
Daisuke Kuroda Guitar
Zak Bond Drums

Live Bar Be Born



隣にコインP有 約20台

Well, I have some really good news and bad news. The bad news is  Ebonvoid's guitarist  Fred Daneson is moving back to France. This is really bad news for us but I'm sure he will be enjoying life back in his home country. Thanks for all his help and creativity on my project. There is a farewell party this month named "Farewell Frenchman Fredd"  on February 16 so come out to say goodbye and enjoy the music!

The good news is that Ebonvoid has found a new guitarist! Mac Nobuka will be joining our ranks and will start recording this month. I sent a demo to him of our most difficult song and asked him to learn it. The track he sent back to me blew me out of the water! Especially his solo! This guy is a serious guitar slinger! Not only did he just learn the parts, he added to the parts to make the songs have much more attitude. So ready to get back in the studio!